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Researchers have developed a way to map strain in lead halide perovskite solar cells without harming them. Their approach can image the grain structure of a perovskite solar cell, showing that misorientation between microscopic perovskite crystals is the primary contributor to the buildup of strain within the solar cell. Crystal misorientation creates small-scale defects in the grain structure, which interrupt the transport of electrons within the solar cell and lead to heat loss.

Operation was designed to test technology that allows multiple targets to be studied at same time

Nasa launched its experimental Fortis (Far-ultraviolet Off Rowland-circle Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy) telescope on 28 October from the White Sands missile range in New Mexico.

The flight lasted 15 minutes, reached 162 miles (260km) in altitude, and then fell back to Earth – exactly as planned. Launched using a Black Brant IX sounding rocket, the operation was the latest in a string of Fortis launches designed to test a new technology that allows multiple targets to be studied at the same time.

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The practice of offshoring—moving some of a company's manufacturing or services overseas to take advantage of lower costs—is on the rise and is a source of ongoing debate. A new study identified a way to determine how U.S. multinational firms' decisions about offshoring affect domestic employment. The study found that, on average, when U.S. multinationals increase employment in their foreign affiliates, they also modestly increase employment in the United States—albeit with substantial dislocation and reallocation of workers.

Little is known about the molecular and cellular events that occur during early embryonic development in primate species. Now, scientists have created a method to allow primate embryos to grow in the laboratory longer than ever before, enabling the researchers to obtain molecular details of key developmental processes for the first time. This research, while done in nonhuman primate cells, can have direct implications for early human development.